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The Heaviness
of Genie Magee
Another Place To Die
Endtime Chronicles
Don't Look For Me
J&K 4Ever
Love in a Post-Apocalypse

'You didn’t think they’d let you have Kruge, did you?  You didn’t waste time on hoping for that.  They know, they always know.  That’s why they’re sending him away.’

J&K 4Ever. Even in the middle of decay kids will still fall in love and they will be tested ... this is the story of Jeyna and Kruge struggling to survive any way they can. -

‘Boy, they’ll be no prayers here.  You’re done with prayers now.’
Kruge’s eyebrows were raised.  It was the law you had to pray three times a day.  Failure to comply meant public censorship, a flogging in some cases. The Keeper looked at Kruge awaiting some kind of response.  Kruge just shrugged.  If he never prayed again he’d done enough for one lifetime already.
'Got one rule here you need to get memorized,’ the Keeper said.  ‘Repeat after me.  Nothing is prohibited.’
Kruge looked at the Keeper with a rising sense of hope and then anxiety.  Was this a trick?  Was someone hiding somewhere, taking notes, seeing what Kruge would do so they could drag him back and flog him to death?  Because saying such a blasphemous thing as that would certainly end his life.
The Keeper could see Kruge’s eyes darting around the small cabin and he smiled, rubbing his face to wake himself up good now. ‘No one is watching.  No one is listening.  You’ve been banished boy.  Don’t you get it?  They don’t like smart ones.  They don’t like a boy they can’t control.  Repeat after me, ‘Nothing is prohibited’.’
This was the most terrible thing to utter in the whole world.  To believe it; the most terrifying.
‘Nothing is prohibited,’ Kruge whispered.  He waited a second to see if anyone burst through the door to arrest him.  Nothing happened at all. The old man stuck out his hand for Kruge to shake. ‘Welcome, boy.  Welcome to the real world.’

Review: An amazing sweet love story in the bleak wastelands - C Thomas

J&K 4Ever
USA kindle
First Chapter here

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The Heaviness
Another Place To Die
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*Celebrating success with 'The Heaviness' (Ruya) selling to the Marti Publishing Group in Turkey for publication in 2017

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Hawksmoor fiction published by Hammer & Tong


Now published in TURKEY

The Hunting published in Turkish as Gölge - (Shadow)
The thrilling sequel to TOZ (The Repossession)
Publisher: Marti Yayincilik
ISBN: 9786051860312
“Zekice, karanlik ve etkileyici. Bu kurgu kesinlikle tüylerinizi diken diken edecek.”

* Look out for The Heaviness (Ruya)- the final Genie and Rian story published in Turkish in May/June 2017

The Repossession won The Wirral 'Paperback of the Year' 2013
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