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GIRL with CAT (Blue) by Sam Hawksmoor
Published by Hammer & Tong (Print)
ISBN-13: 978-1545156629
*Kindle version on Amazon

Imagine Lundein - a city devastated by war. 
Imagine you are one the last survivors, patrolling the ruins with your wild Blue Lynx, trained to protect you from all enemies.

Imagine there’s a secret way out, a perilous labyrinth to London filled with monsters that few survive. Nevertheless you must find it or die.

Imagine an art gallery. Jules falls in love with a stunning portrait of a girl, her faithful Cat at her side. Kye, the artist tells her that it’s his sister Saska, living in a city that impossibly exists in the exact same space as London – invisible to us.

Saska seeks the tunnel and a way out.
Kye can’t remember the way back.
Jules courts madness in believing any of it is real.

The Tunnel is out there - all you have to do is believe
The tunnel to the other side is out there – all you have to do is believe

Synopsis - Background -Opening Chapters Q&A with Hawksmoor

Reviews: 'Awesome book. Saska is fierce, a true heroine...' KT

'An exciting and fast paced story following the lives of two girls who are inexplicably linked across parallel worlds'. DJA Amazon

Girl with Cat

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Another Place To Die
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Girl with Cat (Blue)

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Hawksmoor fiction published by Hammer & Tong


Now published in TURKEY

The Hunting published in Turkish as Gölge - (Shadow)
The thrilling sequel to TOZ (The Repossession)
Publisher: Marti Yayincilik
ISBN: 9786051860312
“Zekice, karanlik ve etkileyici. Bu kurgu kesinlikle tüylerinizi diken diken edecek.”

Ruya Look out for The Heaviness (Rüya) -
the final Genie and Rian story published in
Turkish in 2017 by Marti Yayincilik
ISBN: 9786052862736

Sam Hawksmoor's 'The Repossession' won The Wirral 'Paperback of the Year'
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