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2021 The Return of Genie Magee - all three books now available
The Repossession of Genie Magee

The Repossession of Genie Magee
returns in a new Kindle edition

Combining the elements of science fiction, mystery and supernatural, it is definitely one of the best, and most fascinating, debut novels I've ever read.

The Hunting of Genie Magee

The Hunting of Genie Magee
returns in a new Kindle edition

Genie and Rian must flee down the river with a $10,000 price on their heads. They must fight for their right to exist. more

Pain Cover

WE FEEL YOUR PAIN - so you don't have to
Delaney and Asha run the Office of Berg City Oversight. Their role is to expose the scams, keep the city safe from unscrupulous people.  When something looks too good to be true – it’s a scam, right?  But what if the scam works?  What kind of scam is that? When Delaney finds himself left for dead at the bottom of a cliff he gets the message that someone doesn't want him anywhere near their honeypot.

'I really enjoyed living with Delaney, Asha and Maria. And I particularly revelled in that obedient and loving dog, Rufus.  They were lovely characters and it was a good story. The Author evokes amazing, vivid pictures of St. Joes with human misery and the beach and Jasmina's neighbourhood and the apple farm'. B. H. February 2021

The whole house was burning behind her, flames belching from every window.  Every few seconds something exploded or shattered and the roar of the flames was almost deafening.  Who knew a house could make so much noise when it died?
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‘It’s 1941?’  Tomas felt dizzy with realisation. ‘We’re at war?’
They laughed at him. ‘And it’ll be over by Christmas,’ the butcher added bitterly.

All pain teaches us something - it is for you to understand what that lesson might be: Guru Gurajani

The Guru Will See You Now
The Treatment begins ...

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Sam Hawksmoor's 'The Repossession' won The Wirral
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