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Cat Blue GIRL with CAT (Blue) by Sam Hawksmoor
War. Secret tunnels to another world, monsters and airships. Girl with Cat (Blue) has it all!
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Publisher: Hammer & Tong (Print)

'Awesome book. Saska is fierce, a true heroine...'
'An exciting and fast paced story following the lives of two girls who are inexplicably linked across parallel worlds'. DJA Amazon

'This has all the qualities looked for in a YA novel...' Rubery Book Award

Read about McReady and his adventures with Saska and Jules in
Girl with Cat (Blue) How to steal an Airship!
'War, time-tunnels, monsters and airships - Girl with Cat (Blue) has it all!'

For more than 1500 years Lundein has been the envy of the modern world.  The last 400 years has seen a city and country prosperous and at peace whilst Europa has been riven by one brutal war after another.  The world over people come to beautiful Lundein with its tree-lined avenues, opera houses, theatres and inspirational architecture.  Home to two million people – it’s a city of art and culture.

What was Lundein like? Before the bombs fell and destroyed it. In a country that had been at peace for almost 400 years. Across La Manche Europa was constantly at war - a continent of many little countries with so many little armies constantly squabbling with each other. Inglund had little use for an army. A small country with a small population, mostly manufacturing, agriculture and fishing. It existed by trade with all its neighbours and it's prosperity was centred around Lundein the cultural capital. Opera, theatre and the arts blossomed. The archecture was eccentric but distinctive, the twizzle top towers unique in the world. It welcomed science and new things, but not everything. There were forces against progress, just like anywhere else.

Saska grew up in this world where women were admired but had few rights and this made her angry. She wanted change but not the kind of change that war brings where all is ruined. No one wants that. War has changed her and her world. She didn't start it - but has not run from it either. There is the myth that somewhere in the city lies a labyrinth, a deceptive tunnel that all the rich and important escaped to London. Saska's brother took that route but now she thinks it's a lie told to keep up hope that there was escape from this war. Her brother, like all the others who are missing, lie dead under the rubble. No one is ever coming back.

The elegant Castle Library is the seventh wonder of the world where books come alive.
Shacklewell Lane furniture design is desired the world over, craftsmen built with rare timbers from Ham Forest. And the annual Visage Fantastique draws the crowds from all over Europa for fashion and theatre and the mid-summer Masked Balls.

Visit Lundein – stay in one of the many luxurious hotels that boast bathrooms in every room and provides fine dining that surpasses anything you have experienced before.

Winter or Summer – Inglund Welcomes you.


Two Girls – Two Cities – neither one quite sure the other exists
Girl with Cat (Blue) has been five years in the making.  Originally conceived as two volumes when the first part was finally completed – Sam decided that it would be better as one book and started writing the second volume travelling to France to research and write.

It was hard to let go, with infinite worlds to explore, it is the type of story that could go on forever.  Lundein is bombed, Inglund is ruined, but there are other places to go to, adventures to be had and the discipline of the writer is to arrive at a destination.  For Jules and Saska, it’s about finding each other, for McReady is about conquering his fears, for Merry it was discovering her value as a human being and that she can learn to trust people. 

Thinking of London/Lundein, two cities in the same space in the same country with two completely different histories is hard.  But consider this.  Dig down in London and every few feet you reach another century, a different past until you reach a Roman London with a completely other perspective on its place in the world.  Lundein is just another level, a place with a glorious past but seemingly no future.  Dig again and you go past centuries to the prehistoric past and this is where monsters lurk – the real ones – not myths.  The dinosaurs have no concept of the future and could never image that their jungle one day would be choked with traffic, but that is what happened.  Lundein and London are alternate futures from a different past – both equally true.

The Main Cast of Characters:

Saska Chancellor 15:  the beautiful daughter of the last Chancellor, 2nd in Command of Lundein.   Both parents dead from the bombing, her brother gone (he left by the tunnels to find London and safety) she is all alone defending her city with the aide of Cat, her beloved Blue Lynx, raised by hand when she was abandoned  by her mother.
Saska, once a spoiled princess, is tough, pragmatic and a strict enforcer of the rules.  She knows how to survive and cares nothing for popularity.  She believes her brother will return for her one day, but no one else does.  She is respected and feared.

Jules Dawlish  15:  by some strange fluke identical to Saska , the same hair with flawless skin, and a veggie. She along with her mother helps raise funds for refugees to London.   A good scholar, independent and close to her best friend, the geek McReady.  She is compassionate and affectionate.

McReady 15: The geek with a good heart (a carer for his immobile mum, but he never tells anyone about that).  Bright, utterly devoted to Jules, he’s skeptical about everything and a good counter-balance to Jules’ enthusiasm.

Merry 12: A Ratkin, sold to the City Ratkillers when a tiny child, she roams the city killing rats for her keep.  She is on the lowest rung in Lundein and does not expect to live long.

Kye Chancellor 22:  The elder brother of Saska.  A brilliant artist, some call him a coward who found an excuse to flee the war and abandon his sister. He paints Saska in what he imagines is the war back home. He is highly sensitive but very talented.

Another Place To Die
The Heaviness
Girl with Cat (Blue)  


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