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The Resoration of Ami

Father Tresor
• Sam Hawksmoor
Extract from The Restoration of Ami
ISBN: 978-1-7385181-0-4 - Print UK
Pub: Hammer & Tong/KDP 3.01.24

The morning after Ami went missing ...

The Restoration of Ami

Father Tresor paled when he saw who climbed out of the white Mercedes sedan. Sister Merciless herself, the black-cloaked senior member of Lord Ramesh’s inner circle, notorious for her ruthless enforcement of the Order’s rules.  He wanted to disappear, but uselessly stood there rooted to the spot, aware she was glaring at him with open hostility.

“Why aren’t you out searching for her, Father?” She demanded to know, retrieving her silver-topped cane from the vehicle.

Father Tresor swallowed hard. “I hurried back when I heard you were coming.”

Sister Mercy approached him, surveying him with her hooded eyes.  She sneered.

“Did you now. Lord Ramesh is not pleased with you Father Tresor. Not-pleased-at- all. This is the third child you have lost in a year. You will need to explain this to him, in person, today. They are expecting you in Charleston.”

Father Tresor did his best to retain his composure. He knew better than anyone that a summon to see Lord Ramesh in these circumstances would end in punishment or worse, expulsion.

“I’ve been searching day and night,” he protested in his defense.

The Sister brushed passed him towards his BMW and placed both hands on the hood, turning towards him with disdain. “Not even warm. Perhaps you were out on foot?”

Father Tresor’s heart sank. Hard to admit now that he hadn’t bothered to look at all. Good riddance to the little bitch. His only regret was that he wouldn’t be the first to take her.

Sister Mercy strode towards the gathering hall, phone in hand as she answered a call. “I’m beginning my investigation now. No, I suspect he hasn’t been looking for her at all.” She glanced back at Father Tresor till rooted to the spot. “When exactly did she go?”

Father Tresor had no idea. “During the night. She was still there at midnight when Sister Ryan did her rounds. She took the dog. She was willful. She knew the rules but the dog …”

Sister Mercy held up her hand to silence him and returned to her phone conversation. “She’s out there with a dog. That will slow her down, people will be reluctant to give her a ride with a dog in tow.” She snatched a look at Father Tresor again. “Photos? The girl, not the dog.”

Father Tresor frowned. “You know we’re not permitted…” he started.

“I know you, Father Tresor. I’ve heard the rumors.  Give me your phone. Now. Put the password in.”

Father Tresor hesitated, the very last thing he wanted was for her to see his phone. He fumbled, pretending he couldn’t find it, cursing this day and why they had sent Sister Merciless of all people. She continued staring at him with extreme impatience. He finally located it in his back pocket and came forward, entered the password numbers, and handed it over.

Sister Mercy opened up the image file and flicked through dispassionately, her eyes resting on a series of skinny naked girls in the washrooms. She looked up him and shook her head with bitter disappointment. “The showers?  Really?  Is that what you like Father Tresor? Which one of these pathetic creatures is Ami?”

“She’s not in those. I don’t have a …”

Sister Mercy pocketed his phone. “So, we don’t know what she looks like.”

Father Tresor was annoyed now. He’d only recently bought that phone; she had no right… “She’s small, dark hair.”  He couldn’t recall anything else about her.

Sister Mercy narrowed her eyes. “In other words, like a million other children. Perhaps you can recall the dog better. Perhaps it has four legs and a tail?”

Father Tresor didn’t appreciate her sarcasm. “It’s a mutt. I was going to have to have it shot.”

Sister Mercy almost laughed. “Of course, you were. The dog was probably the only thing keeping her safe in this godforsaken place. Make your way to Charleston, Father Tresor and do not falter on the way. Unlike the unfortunate Ami, we do know what you look like, and we can find you wherever you might go.”

She turned away from him. “I will speak to the children; they will know where she is likely to run to. They generally do.  Go Father Tresor, Lord Ramesh does not take kindly to someone losing one of his daughters.”

“Daughters?” Father Tresor queried.

Sister Mercy threw her hands into the air in irritation. “All the children are his sons and daughters, just like we’re all his brothers and sisters. If you don’t know that, you’ve wasted twenty years of your miserable life in the Order.  Lord Ramesh loves all his children.”

Father Tresor walked towards his vehicle, his heart sinking further. Why had no one told him Ami was his daughter?  Or had she meant that he simply regarded the orphans as his children, like the pigs and chickens were all his possessions.  He waited for Sister Mercy to enter the Gathering Hall. Did he have time to purge his computer? Clear out the safe? If he didn’t clear out either of them, he’d be doomed for sure.

He began to walk towards his office when suddenly Sister Ryan appeared from inside the building and locked the door.  She walked swiftly towards the Gathering Hall avoiding his gaze. He didn’t have a key. He’d never ever needed to lock the door. That was it, he was screwed.

A window opened in the Gathering Hall.  Sister Mercy appeared and called him out “Why are you still here Father? Lord Ramesh is waiting.”

Father Tresor reluctantly returned to his vehicle and climbed in. He swore. All he knew for sure was that if he saw Ami and that damn dog on the road, he’d run them both over.

© Sam Hawksmoor 4.1.24
see Chapter One extract here:

The Restoration of Ami
ISBN: 978-1-7385181-0-4 - Print UK
Pub: Hammer & Tong/KDP 2.29.24


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