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GIRL with CAT (Blue) by Sam Hawksmoor
Published by Hammer & Tong Autumn 2017
* Kindle version available on Amazon now

Hammer & Tong Print (November)
ISBN-13: 978 -1545156629

Imagine Lundein; a city devastated by war. 
Imagine you are one the last survivors patrolling the ruins with your fierce
Blue Lynx , trained to protect you from all enemies.

Imagine there’s a way out, a secret perilous labyrinth to London that few survive. Nevertheless you must find it or die.

Imagine an art gallery. Jules falls in love with a stunning portrait of a girl, her faithful Cat at her side. Kye, the artist tells you it’s his sister, Saska living in a city that exists in the exact same space as London – invisible to all.

Saska seeks the tunnel and a way out.
Kye can’t remember the way back.
Jules courts madness in believing any of it is real.

The tunnel to the other side is out there – all you have to do is believe

Synopsis - Background - The Opening Chapters

Saska and the Ratkin are great team in a vivid thrilling war of survival against terrible odds
- CD

Girl with Cat

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Tomas D accidentally goes back in time to 1941. He thinks he could be useful. After all he knows how the war ends. He knows secrets no one else does. Unfortunately only one person believes he's from the future and he may be a German spy. One small lie - can change history forever.

'Gripping stuff.'
'The perils of living under the Blitz brought vividly to life '- Amazon

'This is Man in the High Castle for teens and scarily plausible ...'

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Hawksmoor fiction published by Hammer & Tong


Now published in TURKEY

The Hunting published in Turkish as Gölge - (Shadow)
The thrilling sequel to TOZ (The Repossession)
Publisher: Marti Yayincilik
ISBN: 9786051860312
“Zekice, karanlik ve etkileyici. Bu kurgu kesinlikle tüylerinizi diken diken edecek.”

Ruya * Look out for The Heaviness (Rüya) -
the final Genie and Rian story published in
Turkish in 2017 by Marti Yayincilik
ISBN: 9786052862736

The Repossession won The Wirral 'Paperback of the Year' 2013
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