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Review: 'Terrifying alternative outcome to WW2 - the Blitz brought vividly to life.'

of Tomas D

Tomas accidentally goes back in time to London in the Blitz. Captured and tortured for what he knows about the war... WW11 abruptly ends in 1941.
The day after Tomas disappears, his girlfriend Gabriella wakes up to realise she's the only one who remembers that Germany was supposed to have lost the war...
Sample Chapter here

of Genie Magee

Someone with a grudge wants Genie dead. Rian is kidnapped and forced to do experiments. Genie and Renée have just 36 hours to find Rian or he dies - but the one person who can help is aleady dead. Gravity isn't the only thing that can pull you down...

Review: 'The best Genie Magee story left till last. It might just break your heart.'
Genie Magee
The Heaviness
of Genie Magee
Another Place To Die
Endtime Chronicles
Don't Look For Me
J&K 4Ever
Love in the wastelands
Update: Celebrating the publications of Ruya (The Heaviness in Turkish) and VoLontaires (The Repossession) in French this May/June 2017. Here's wishing the books luck. I shall be in France in June.
About Becoming a Writer:
Writing stories has always been my thing. From early beginnings as a kid concocting adventures in Spain as I listened to my big sisters classical music - Manuel de Falla and Rodrigo mostly. I loved reading stories about the future that would take me far away from my boarding school. The future was exciting then and scary. I always wanted to go into space and remember writing to Buzz Aldrin the astronaut and being shocked he personally replied. I eventually got to see one of the last shuttle launches into space and was amazed at the terrifying noise that shook the air and make water bounce. Sure as hell wouldn't want to go into space now. Ridely Scott and Philip K Dick got it right in Bladerunner. The future of space exploration is for Ai robots. But you already knew robots are going to take over the world - right?

After careers that involved travel and photography and jointly editing the web magazine,
it's pretty much all been about writing. (Add a smattering of gold prospecting in B.C. & Nevada whilst researching a novel) and teaching (running Creative Writing Masters Programmes at Falmouth & Portsmouth Universities). * This academic year I am teaching on the MA in Creative Writing at Lincoln University.

Somewhere back there also writing radio drama (About 35 plays broadcast), I starting teaching 'Writing for Kids' which proved to be one of the most popular courses I ran. From there started writing my own YA stories.

The Repossession & The Hunting are set in the mountain town of Spurlake. Spurlake must have been pretty exciting place to live in around 1890. A couple of years before that no one lived there at all.  It was a barren, lonely mountainside facing onto a lake.  Once gold was found a whole city grew in just months.  Genie Magee's great-grandfather built-up Spurlake way back in its heady gold rush days and made a fortune. B.C. has a number of towns like this  - overnight cities that flourished until the gold ran out and then slowly began to die as people drifted away. *Repossession & The Hunting are now out of print. I do have copies available if you get in contact. *However they are available in Turkish and French in 2017
Heaviness The Heaviness is the third Genie Magee story. In The Heaviness Genie thinks she's safe from The Fortress but they aren't going to let her go without a fight. Reverend Schneider is biding his time - waiting to get his revenge and Rian is in big trouble. Genie & Renée have just 36 hours to save Rian or he dies.
Another Place To Die:
Endtime Chronicles

This is a new version of this pandemic thriller. The YA story of teens trying to get ahead of a lethal virus at any cost.
What if a pandemic worse than Ebola got out of control in Europe. Imagine a world where antibiotics no longer cure anything... coming to a future near you.
Sometimes surviving is the wrong choice...
Gasmasks I wrote 'The Repercussions of Tomas D' because I like to play 'What if..' Alternative history is a fascination for me.What if England had lost the war?

With Repercussions I sent poor Tomas D back to London in the middle of the Blitz. He knows exactly how the war is supposed to end, but what if someone really believes he is from the future and they use that knowledge to change the outcome of WW2? What would that world be like? We get two stories in this book - Tomas stuck in 1941 and his best friend Gabriella waking up to a German run England in her own time. It's what Gabby notices about this new England that proves the most controversial. History turns on a pinhead. This could have really happened... see Time Stories
Sample Chapter here - The Day after Tomas disappears

Marikka a tale of a girl who fled an arson attack on her home and walked into a whole world of trouble - set in my native Lincolnshire. It's about a father's desperate search for a daughter who has been told he is dead. It's a tragic tale, but I think you will like Marikka and Mika, the boy who crashes cars and Anya, the spooky girl who can read objects.
VoLuntaires The Repossession = VoLontaires
Out on May 17th in France
as Kindle or Print. Order now
One by One - they disappear
Un par un, ils disparaissent ...

Sam Hawksmoor 2017

New J&K 4Ever - imagine a world without oil, without law. Two young orphan lovers Jayna and Kruge want to stay together but it is prohibited. They must flee into the wastelands and learn to survive - behind them the Enforcers hunt them to drag them back dead or alive.

* Background research on anti-gravity here -
**Thinkpiece: What if you read a book you loved and never told anyone, especially the writer? more

What did you want to be when you were a child?.... more
One question I used to dislike the most when a kid was
what do you want to be when you grow up?
You’re like 12 years old and you have no idea what you might like to do at 20, let alone 40 .... more

Toz Something to celebrate. The Repossession was published in Turkey as TOZ. Nice to know it has been translated. Toz means dust and that's quite apt. If you know anyone in Turkey, well this is the book they should be reading right now, obviously. It's in hardback. The 2nd part is called GOLGE out now and part three The Heaviness (Rüya) will appear June 2017 - so Turkish readers will get the whole series. My thanks to Gamze Tuncel Demir at Marti Yayincilik for the cover designs

Kindle ebook for The Heaviness - Sam in Canada
More Background to Genie Magee's world. Search and you'll find some extra stories about the main characters.

* If you write me on old fashioned email, I do check and will write back as soon as I can. see Contact


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