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'Conspiracy theorists will believe anything but the truth' - Sam Hawksmoor
About: One very grumpy writer: MAY 2022

Finland votes to join NATO and Sweden might also. Another of the unintended consequences of Putin's murderous bullying. Putin has already threatend to menace Scandanavia. However Turkey wants to prevent them joining. Watch that space.

America is reverting to a time to when women didn't have a voice. We should be talking about womens' rights to choose rather than old mostly white men choosing for them. What's next? Banning contraception? Abolishing women's right to vote? Or go to school? The Taliban are alive and well in the Republican Party. *(See my novel J&K 4Ever which is a prediction of life in the USA sixty years hence)

You might be sick of reading about Ukraine already though you shouldn’t be, they are fighting for our freedom too. It may have come to your attention that Russian media is preparing his people for nuclear war and Putin has a 83 percent approval rating. Worrying. Who will be left alive to plant the wheat that feeds so much of the world in Ukraine? Where will the fuel for tractors come from if there are any left. History reminds us of Stalin’s Collectivisation farming program, the Holodomor (Terror-Famine) that effectively starved 3.9 million Ukrainians to death between 1932-33. Any wheat grown was sent to Russia. Maybe Putin is hoping to break that record number. You can understand why the Ukrainians might resist this option.

Certainly, you don’t want to discuss Covid anymore, Denmark has already stopped vaccinating although with whole cities shut down in China they might be regretting not allowing Western vaccines in. You might want to start worrying about BA.4 & BA.5- the new variant already in the USA where 70,000 a day are getting infected. North Korea has just discovered how fast that virus can travel in a totally unvaccinated population.

I guess we had better get used to things being in short supply in the supermarkets. Go vegan to save money and save your life!
There are so many things to make you mad these days. Irresponsible, criminal politicians who care nothing for the rules, as long as they feather their own nests and I’m not even talking about Boris. They say democracy is dying. Here in England, we have no faith left at all that our representatives in ANY political party are honest and have our best interests at heart. We are all disillusioned and ripe for autocrats promising to fix things – when they actually mean loot the treasury and sorry, we never got around to filling the potholes and stop fly tipping. Agent Mulder had it right - Trust No One.
Luckily, we’ll all freeze to death in our homes this winter because we won’t be able to heat them.  That will teach ‘em.  The rich will survive but their ‘staff’ will be dead.  Going to be a shock for them to learn how to cook their own food, assuming they know how to grow it first.  2023 will not be a happy year I’m betting, what with no one growing wheat in the Ukraine or if it’s radioactive by then. Luckily, we can all eat cake instead, right?
If I sound grumpy it’s because I am. No longer allowed wine as I have failing kidneys and I'm on all kinds of pills that make me nauseous and I'm having a biopsy 16th May. I’m in the process of finishing a sequel to the crime mystery
We Feel Your Pain ’ Download the book now so you're primed for the next Delaney and Asha investigation. It may amuse.
May 13th 2022

**About writing 'Mission Longshot'

Earth 2032 - The climate has changed - food is running short. War is imminent. Whole cities are in danger of going under water fifty years before they said they would. Mankind is in real danger. Naturally you're going to build a spaceship to take the best and brightest to a new world. 3000 kids essentially put into deep freeze for a 70-year journey into space.

Moonbase 2057 - The first light-speed spaceship is about to be tested. (Despite eight billion dollar explosive failures so far). News comes in that the Colony ship has been struck by asteroids on Year 23 of it's journey. There is one survivor, Celeste Kandar. She knows no one can rescue her - she's going to be alone for the rest of her life. If the light-speed ship works they could rescue Celeste - if it works... What could possibly go wrong?

Earth Millennial's Eve 1999 - Gerry is waiting for aliens to land. If there was ever a time to attack Y2K night is the night.

It's a real voyage of discovery for Celeste exploring a nearby planet that just might be trying to kill her and the kids attempting to rescue her on a flight that might be a one way ticket...

Meanwhile – take a look at a novel I finished last Christmas.  We Feel Your Pain an offbeat crime story but I suspect it’s more a character study about unlikely people drawn to each other to feel safe and secure.  But what do I know; I’m just the writer. *First draft of the sequel just completed.

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The Repossession of Genie Magee

The Repossession of Genie Magee
returns in a new Kindle & print edition

Combining the elements of science fiction, mystery and supernatural, it is definitely one of the best, and most fascinating, debut novels I've ever read.

The Hunting of Genie Magee

The Hunting of Genie Magee
returns in a new Kindle edition

Genie and Rian must flee down the river with a $10,000 price on their heads. They must fight for their right to exist. more

We Feel Your Pain 'We Feel Your Pain' by Sam Hawksmoor
ISBN-13: 979-8699087693 Published by Hammer & Tong December 2020
Print or Kindle from
Reviews: '...a captivating adventure which could be compared to a Roald Dahl tale filmed by Wes Anderson ...where rythm, wit, humour and punchy dialogue mix with irrepressible, warm sentiment...'

'I really enjoyed living with Delaney, Asha and Maria. And I particularly revelled in that obedient and loving dog, Rufus.  They were lovely characters and it was a good story. The author evokes amazing, vivid pictures'. 2. 10. 2021

Delaney and Asha run the Office of Berg City Oversight. Their role is to expose the scams, keep the city safe from unscrupulous people.  When something looks too good to be true – it’s a scam, right?  But what if the scam works?  What kind of scam is that? When Delaney finds himself left for dead at the bottom of a cliff he gets the message - someone doesn't want him near their honeypot.

2022 - The Screenplay for Girl with Cat (Blue) made the Quarter Finals for ISA Connect International Adventure Screenplay Competition - you can read the fantasy novel now.

The Sara Troy interview with Sam Hawksmoor 1.12.21

About the Writing of Girl with Cat Blue here

More about Sam Hawksmoor and his writing background here
Hammer &Tong (UK) is a small indie publisher of Sam Hawksmoor's books
Based in Lincolnshire - all messages via Sam Hawksmoor contact page

* Background research on anti-gravity here -
**Thinkpiece: What if you read a book you loved and never told anyone, especially the writer? more

What did you want to be when you were a child?.... more
One question I used to dislike the most when a kid was ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?

Kindle ebook for The Heaviness - Sam in Canada
More Background to Genie Magee's world. Search and you'll find some extra stories about the main characters.

* If you write me on old fashioned email, I do check and will write back as soon as I can. see Contact

'Terrifying alternative outcome to WW2 - the Blitz brought vividly to life.'

of Tomas D

Tomas accidentally goes back in time to London in the Blitz. Captured and tortured for what he knows about the war... WW11 abruptly ends in 1941.
The day after Tomas disappears, his girlfriend Gabriella wakes up to realise she's the only one who remembers that Germany was supposed to have lost the war...
Sample Chapter here

of Genie Magee
(Book Three)

Someone with a grudge wants Genie dead. Rian is kidnapped and forced to do experiments. Genie and Renée have just 36 hours to find Rian or he dies - but the one person who can help is aleady dead. Gravity isn't the only thing that can pull you down...

'The best Genie Magee story left till last. It might just break your heart.'
Genie Magee


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