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About writing 'Mission Longshot' - Published 2021

Earth 2032 - The climate has changed - food is running short. War is imminent. Whole cities are in danger of going under water fifty years before they said they would. Mankind is in real danger. Naturally you're going to build a spaceship to take the best and brightest to a new world. 3000 kids essentially put into deep freeze for a 70-year journey into space.

Moonbase 2057 - The first light-speed spaceship is about to be tested. (Despite eight billion dollar explosive failures so far). News comes in that the Colony ship has been struck by asteroids on Year 23 of it's journey. There is one survivor, Celeste Kandar. She knows no one will rescue her - she's going to be alone for the rest of her life.

If the light-speed ship works they could rescue Celeste. If it works...
What could possibly go wrong?

Mission Longshot

This particular story started life quite a few years ago. It was 2013.  I was in Montreal promoting The Repossession of Genie Magee (*just re-issued in print and Kindle books) and it was cold, as you would expect in winter.  I was in the coffee shop directly opposite the Assassin’s Creed factory (yes it’s full of artists and coders in a giant white building and there’s always a group of smokers furiously filling their lungs with poison outside).  It being somewhere around -20c staying warm was a priority...

I was suddenly struck with a ‘good idea’ for a new book.... These are important moments for a writer.  Once you finish a book you often wonder where the next idea will come from, if ever, so if comes, and quite often fully formed, you want to get it written down as fast possible.  I spent five hours in that coffee shop writing by hand and spending anxious moments between the bucket-sized coffees hoping the one and only toilet would be free very soon.

It’s a story set in space. A hard one to write about a young girl Celeste; a lone survivor of a major disaster with zero chance of ever getting back home.  I spent all those hours detailing every plot point, developing a second story thread and characters backstories.  It was great.  All there.  All I had to do when I got back to England was write it.  I went to the loo one last time and when I came back my notebook and coat had gone.  No one saw it go, especially the girl I asked to keep an eye on it.  I’m not going into how gutted I was, or annoyed my coat had gone as well, it being -20c outside.  Take the coat if you need it, but not someone’s notebook.  You just don’t do that.

“Did you write your phone number on it?”  Someone asked.

As if the thief was going to call and return it, or my coat.   I felt exhausted and numb. It’s no use saying, well just sit down and rewrite it again. I was under inspiration (and caffeine) and now I only felt despair.  I couldn’t possibly recapture that moment or the five hours it took to work it all out.

The next day I caught the train to Toronto and as time went by the loss slowly faded and I came up with different stories and I buried that girl in space.

Last autumn I was developing a YA script under the mentorship of Anna Southgate at Euroscript and the lost girl in space made her reappearance.  Celeste may have lost hope of rescue but what if there was a chance she could be saved? How could that happen? It would be a suicide mission.   The first draft script was 156 pages.  Too long and Anna had serious questions about the ‘lesson learned’.  She got me to cut the script to 120 pages which lost much of the humour. Thinking about the ‘lesson learned’ is conflicted as it involves climate change and well you and I know that we are in the process of shutting the barn door years after the horse bolted.  Net Zero could well trigger social adjustments and shortages that the fabric of society could be torn apart just as the weather gets increasingly worse.

I decided to explore the story as a novel, taking me back to 2013 and all the hopes and dreams that that lonely girl once had about survival. She might be alone but now there could be the possibility of others coming to her rescue. I had fun developing them and good arguments with my mentor about how to get them involved despite their young ages.

I remember my younger self reading sci-fi and devouring books about kids in space or Philip K Dick stories with their bleak outlook that has stayed with me for life, this was well before the genre Climate Fiction was coined. The thing to remember is that kids are passionate about what they are interested in and lock on to that. It was fun to write and I hope you enjoy it too.

An extract from Mission Longshot here

Meanwhile – take a look at a novel I finished last Christmas.  We Feel Your Pain an offbeat crime story but I suspect it’s more a character study about unlikely people drawn to each other to feel safe and secure.  But what do I know; I’m just the writer.

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The Repossession of Genie Magee

The Repossession of Genie Magee
returns in a new Kindle & print edition

Combining the elements of science fiction, mystery and supernatural, it is definitely one of the best, and most fascinating, debut novels I've ever read.

The Hunting of Genie Magee

The Hunting of Genie Magee
returns in a new Kindle edition

Genie and Rian must flee down the river with a $10,000 price on their heads. They must fight for their right to exist. more

We Feel Your Pain 'We Feel Your Pain' by Sam Hawksmoor
ISBN-13: 979-8699087693 Published by Hammer & Tong December 2020
Print or Kindle from
Reviews: '...a captivating adventure which could be compared to a Roald Dahl tale filmed by Wes Anderson ...where rythm,wit,humour and punchy dialogue mix with irrepressible, warm sentiment...'

'I really enjoyed living with Delaney, Asha and Maria. And I particularly revelled in that obedient and loving dog, Rufus.  They were lovely characters and it was a good story. The author evokes amazing, vivid pictures'. 2. 10. 2021

Delaney and Asha run the Office of Berg City Oversight. Their role is to expose the scams, keep the city safe from unscrupulous people.  When something looks too good to be true – it’s a scam, right?  But what if the scam works?  What kind of scam is that? When Delaney finds himself left for dead at the bottom of a cliff he gets the message - someone doesn't want him near their honeypot.

The Sara Troy interview with Sam Hawksmoor 1.12.21

About the Writing of Girl with Cat Blue here

More about Sam Hawksmoor and his writing background here
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'Terrifying alternative outcome to WW2 - the Blitz brought vividly to life.'

of Tomas D

Tomas accidentally goes back in time to London in the Blitz. Captured and tortured for what he knows about the war... WW11 abruptly ends in 1941.
The day after Tomas disappears, his girlfriend Gabriella wakes up to realise she's the only one who remembers that Germany was supposed to have lost the war...
Sample Chapter here

of Genie Magee
(Book Three)

Someone with a grudge wants Genie dead. Rian is kidnapped and forced to do experiments. Genie and Renée have just 36 hours to find Rian or he dies - but the one person who can help is aleady dead. Gravity isn't the only thing that can pull you down...

'The best Genie Magee story left till last. It might just break your heart.'
Genie Magee


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