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Girl with Cat Blue GIRL with CAT (Blue) by Sam Hawksmoor
*Kindle version on Amazon ASIN: B076JLMXNN
Publisher: Hammer & Tong (Print) ISBN-13:978-1545156629

Rubery Shortlisted for the International Rubery Book Award Lynx Blue Cat

Shortlist Review:

Girl with Cat (Blue) Sam Hawksmoor
This has all the qualities looked for in a YA novel, with two girls in parallel worlds who turn out to have a much greater connection than either of them knew about. There is an alternative, hidden London accessed through portals that don’t remain fixed and a series of tunnels, which is well imagined and believable. Saska’s world is faced with annihilation from forces that seem to originate in Jules’s world, and her inability to escape and join her brother forms the basis of the tension and the action. The confusion of Jules and McReady, her geeky friend, as they try to access the parallel London is well portrayed and the dangers encountered by Saska from the conquering army creates much tension and excitement. The girls are competent, sassy and have a confidence most would envy. McReady works well as a foil, resourceful and loyal – while Saska finds a similar support from her blue lynx.
Excellent title!
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The Heaviness
Girl with Cat (Blue)


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